Teaching Method

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Communicative Approach

The teaching method used at the Italian Language School Accademia Studioitalia is based on the communicative approach.

Our experienced and qualified teachers aim to create a positive class environment, inspired to the Italian context, in which an Italian-only policy does not allow students to use their own language.

The Italian cultural elements, as well as the main communicative situations presented are always related to the current and historical Italian reality.

What you get during the lessons

Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are prepared according to the communicative situation at hand: textbooks are always supported by authentic materials, such as videos, songs, newspapers, magazines, advertisements etc. Technology is a building block of our teaching method, providing students with research tools. In fact, students can use their personal devices (smartphones and tablets) according to the instructions provided by the teacher.

Grammar elements are gradually analysed with an inductive method, which allows students to learn by doing and autonomously grasp concepts through a bottom-up process.

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