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ILS-Studioitalia - Italian Culture & Language

STUDIOITALIA is an Italian language school for foreigners founded in 1985. For the last 30 years the school has been one of the most important Italian language teaching centres in Rome.
The Italian school for foreign students is located in the very centre of Rome only 5 minutes from St. Peter's Church and just off Via Cola di Rienzo one of the most important commercial streets of the city right behind Piazza del Popolo. The school is surrounded by cinemas, restaurants and a wide variety of shops.
Very close to the school are two metro stops, OTTAVIANO and LEPANTO, and the whole area is very well connected to public transport.
The school accepts a maximum of 10 students per class, in order to guarantee the highest level of quality of the course as well as the relationship between students and teachers. Small classes ensure that every student has an opportunity to practice their language skills and to participate actively in each lesson.
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COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH: Our method of Italian language teaching focuses on the student's expectations, needs and personal learning style. We work with our students to offer a learning environment which helps them achieve their personal goals while studying Italian. A general communicative approach is combined with all the newest didactic techniques and teaching strategies, allowing us to
customize the learning path and the program for each individual student even when in the same course as others. Our Italian teachers are prepared to work with different language learners with different needs, and are able to offer all students the chance to learn and improve in every single lesson, listening to their requests and communicating with them in every aspect of the learning process.
The development of communicative skills and of the ability to speak in real-life scenarios such as at work, school, a party or in social relationships, has always been the priority in respect to the study of grammar and of the more formal aspects of the language. This does not mean that during the course grammar and phonetics are not studied, though they always have a secondary importance.
Our Italian courses are dynamic and require active participation by the students, respecting their own learning pace and expectations, without forcing anybody to speak without spontaneity, and at the same time stimulating a relaxing, productive, and at times genuinely funny communication.
INTERCULTURAL APPROACH: The key to our courses is the Intercultural Approach. Our teachers are not only "language
trainers"; they are also curious people that are thirsty for culture. Every Italian lesson has a segment dedicated to intercultural subjects and every participant is asked to talk about their own culture, making a comparison with other countries and especially with Italy and the city of Rome.
This approach ensures active participation in class activities and develops interesting opportunities to be part of the group. Everyone can express their personal opinion, and the teacher is able to moderate debates and discussions in an open environment and across broad range of topics context.