Become an Au Pair in Italy

Become an Au Pair in Italy

Have you ever wanted to have an amazing cultural experience in Italy? Have you ever wanted to live in the comfort of a host family teaching, taking care of children, while learning one of the most beautiful languages in the world? Are you between 18 and 30 years old?
Keep reading this page and you will know everything you need to make the first step towards your European adventure!

What does it mean "Being an Au Pair"?

An au pair (plural: au pairs) is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family's responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a monetary allowance for personal use.

Why you should be an Au Pair in Italy?

What should we say to convince you? Italy is one of the most ancient country in Europe and we have 43 UNESCO sites (No country has that). We can proudly say that we have around 5.500 museum and archeological areas. If you love the nature you can make a trip in one of the 24 natural park protected by the law. If you prefer having a beautiful night in a theater you can choose one of the 83.700 shows aired in one year. Not only, if you like to eat you should come and try to taste one of the 176 products DOP and IGP while pouring yourself one of the 358 wines DOC and DOCG. What else should we say?

What steps are necessary to become an Au Pair?

In order to become an Au Pair in Italy, Au Pairs need to:
• Be entitled to a visa if they don’t belong to any EU-country. In this case, the Au Pair has to apply for a Visa. In order to get a Student visa you must Sign up for Our Italian Standard Course at our Accredited School for a 6 months course.
The Au Pair program in Italy establishes that:
• Au Pairs will work a maximum of 30 hours per week
• Au Pairs will have 4 weeks paid holiday for a 12-months stay
• Au Pairs will have at least one day off per week
• Au Pairs will earn a monthly payment
• Au Pairs will pay for the travel expenses to the Host Family’s country
Additional information:
• Au Pairs who belong to a non-EU country member will have to apply for a visa. For that, visa requirements must be fulfilled and documents must be provided to the Italian consulate placed in their home country
• Au Pairs from a non-EU country will need insurance from their home country
• Au Pairs who come from any EU-country can apply for the European Health Insurance Card

How can I find the right family for Me?

Finding the right family is not always easy. You might be lucky and be totally comfortable with your new “family” but why take the risk? Wouldn’t it be better if to describe your necessities to a professional and put your fate in the hands of a serious agency? We recently have stipulated a partnership with AuPair international agency Italy, an extremely important non profit association that have as it’s objective to simplify the process of finding an host family for you.

What our Au Pairs say about our School?

Gabriella Vizzutti ( Seattle, USA)
My name is Gabriella Vizzutti and I originally moved to Italy to be an au pair and to study Italian at Studioitalia. During my time as an au pair, I studied at Studioitalia for about one year and have only positive things to say about the school. Being an American, I had to obtain a student visa to stay for more than 3 months and was able to do so by attending the intensive course at the school. During the visa process, the teachers and faculty were responsive and friendly when I had questions. Upon arriving to Rome I began attending the school and was welcomed with a positive, fun, and productive environment to learn the Italian language. The schedule for the intensive language course worked perfectly with my work schedule as an au pair. I would attend school from 9:00-1:00 and had plenty of time to grab lunch or a coffee and be home by the time the children finished school. Overall, the school enhanced my experience as an au pair by allowing me to better communicate and connect with the family and to experience the Italian culture. It also, of course, allowed me to obtain and renew my student visa. I can personally say that the au pair experienced coupled extremely well with attendance to studioitalia.
Bex Hdson (London, UK)
My name's Rebecca and I'm lucky enough to be spending a year aupairing in Rome. I had always wanted to live abroad and after visiting a friend of mine who aupaired in Rome, I fell in love with the city and in October left my job in London to move to Rome.
I wanted to try and pick up the language so I could get the full cultural experience and also as I lived with 2 Italian girls. My friend recommended studio italia as she studied there during her time away, so I also enrolled at the school when I arrived. The school is very friendly and the teachers made me feel really welcome on my first day, it also gives a discount to aupairs which helped me out. I attended the intensive course in the morning as I worked in the afternoon, which worked really well. The lessons were really interactive and always different with the teachers using audio clips, songs and even an online game where you can connect your smartphone to, which made learning fun. I enjoyed making new friends with students from all over the world and also going to the social events such as the Christmas party. I would recommend the school to anyone new to Italian, looking to learn the language and meet likeminded people.
Rosie Benson (London, UK)
Hi, I’m Rosie, a writer from the UK. In May 2014 I moved from London to Rome, to become an au pair and study Italian in the greatest city in the world! I spent about eight months in total at StudioItalia. It’s a fantastic school with a really friendly atmosphere. I knew absolutely zero Italian when I arrived, but by the time I left I could happily chat away in my adopted language. The teachers were really kind and welcoming, delivering engaging lessons with a lot of fun games involved. The school also offers day trips and visits around Rome, as well as things like pasta-making classes, which were always enjoyable. I returned to Studio Italia in 2016 for a quick refresher course, and found it to be the same happy and lively school that I left in 2015. Grazie per tutto Studio Italia!