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From its foundation Studioitalia has been dedicated to teaching Italian to companies enabling them to offer their customers the highest level of quality, service and professionalism. Our courses are aimed at both companies and professionals and are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our strength is the flexibility and effectiveness of our teaching, our ability to achieve specific objectives in a short timeframe, whether it be preparing for a business meeting, a business trip to Italy, a job interview, as well as on the job training to improve the skills and effectiveness of your company's staff.
Studioitalia offers both individual and group courses which include:
  • Legal Italian
  • Business Italian
  • Job specific courses
  • Financial Italian
  • Italian for marketing and communication
  • General Italian
  • CILS exam preparation and other officially recognized certifications
  • Workshops focused on special events such as lectures and presentations, meetings, negotiations and talks, telephone conversations, public speaking, and writing business emails.
StudioItalia has developed a specialized entry test to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of four main communication skills: understanding, capacity for students makes themselves understood, their ability to read and write. By accurately identifying a student’s level of skill and knowledge we can more effectively craft a course that is not only interesting but directly meets the needs and objectives of the student. Alternatively we offer group courses that cater to various linguistic levels while covering the most important grammatical and business concept issues.
This evaluation method offers important advantages including:
  • Accurate indicators illustrating attainable language levels & goals
  • Precise assessment of the cost / benefit ratio of the course
  • Optimizing time investment
Our entry test challenges the students ability to understand the language, make themselves understood, as well as evaluating their reading and writing comprehension, coupled with an oral test, this provides us with an immediate and accurate picture of the students level of linguistic competence. Participants have 50 minutes to complete the written and oral test.
The information we garner from the needs analysis is used to identify course objectives. The students organizational role & responsibilities are also included as part of the data set we use to "build" the contents of the program.


At the end of the scheduled hours of each course, students take a final exam based on the topics, concepts and grammar covered in the syllabus. The level of proficiency attained by the student in each aspect of the language matrix will be analysed, along with an overall assessment of attendance and a teachers report. The Final Certificate, will clearly outline the individual students progress and achievements in light of the topics covered. The personalized student report will allow the participant to track their progress identifying their strengths and weaknesses over the duration of the course.


The topics covered in each lesson are recorded in the Teaching Activity Form providing a breakdown and general overview of the course objectives and progress. The teaching activity form includes the start date of each course, the full name of the course participant, the teacher assigned to the course, information on attendance (presence and absence) of the student, as well as information regarding topic, concepts covered each class. It is also the basis for the development of a monthly report that the educational coordinator will send by the 10th of each month (for the previous month) to the contract referent of each company. This report serves the dual purpose of highlighting any issues, problems or concerns allowing for prompt action between course coordinator and the corporate reference to address these issues. Each student will be receive a final "Student Progress" report in which they will find an analysis of linguistic objectives they have achieved.
A certificate will be issued for each completed course, indicating the level achieved by each participant, it will be prepared according to the following parameters as well as in accordance with the European Framework of Languages:
Each participant completes an exit satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the course, providing an overview of the course with details regarding the course, teaching and the teaching aids utilised during the course.


Our teachers are all native speakers, highly skilled and qualified to teach, as well as trained in the latest teaching techniques, through seminars and refresher courses regularly held by our Institute or other qualified entities. All are in possession of a degree in humanities and many of them have post-graduate degrees. All teachers possess DITALS II certification, (Teaching Italian as a Second Language), issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, the most authoritative institution in Italy for granting diplomas for teaching Italian to foreigners . Our trainers all have at least five years of teaching experience both in Italy and abroad and are selected according to the criteria established by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.
The academic quality of our trainers combined with attentive, helpful customer service and a personalized approach to your learning objectives helps to create a warm and friendly environment conducive to learning.
The use of specialized materials and modern technical aids make classes more challenging, but the learning easier. While the central role of correcting and guiding a student’s language developments remains that of the teacher.


For courses that include books the textbooks will be delivered to the students via the corporate reference, selected from industry leading publishing houses in addition to lecture notes and glossaries specially crafted for each training session, relevant material to meet specific interests will be provided. As outlined in the syllabus the courses are composed of audio, video and multimedia elements.
The use of language learning software for all levels, for both general and business language is also incorporated into the course. The course material includes a book for the student as well as one for exercises, accompanied by a CD-ROM.

The institution must be notified of any lesson cancellations 24 hours in advance.

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