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Boost your Italian: Intensive Course make you learn Italian faster!

The Super Intensive Course at StudioItalia consists of 6 lessons (45 minutes each) per day from Monday to Friday. This course is a full-immersion experience particularly suitable for those students who need to pick up the Italian language as quickly as possible. The course includes group classes in the morning and 2 additional hours of activities in the afternoon. The limited number of students of the afternoon classes allows students to practice what they learn on a regular basis.

The Super Intensive course can be attended by students of all levels and lessons are focused on the students’ language and communicative needs. The Super Intensive Course is designed for students to actively participate in the dynamic and motivating class activities; especially in the afternoon, lessons and activities are game-based and students learn by doing. Teachers aim to reproduce real-life situations in order to prepare students to face daily interactions with people.

Intensive plus is a 30-hour academic course, from Monday to Friday, 9.15 am to 3.00 pm. The Super-Intensive course allows students to learn italian in faster and more effective way.

FAO interns, Religious, Erasmus and Au Pair students, are entitled to a discount.

  • Start Date: On Mondays
  • Level: Any*
  • Attendance: Monday to Friday
  • Time: 09:15-12:39 & 13:30 -15:00

*Courses for beginners start each first monday of the month!


Our Italian Lessons are student-centered, which means that students are the focus of the lesson and speak more than teachers, who supervise, give insight and food for thought. Students quickly get used to taking their risks in speaking and overcoming fears of making mistakes in public. Topics are chosen in relation to everyday situations so that students are more motivated and willing to learn.
In the morning, students will attend the group lessons in order to:

  • develop primary and integrated language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking)
  • learn Italian in a real environment: every lesson is thought to reproduce the real Italian atmosphere
  • learn the main communicative strategies
  • analyse the structures of Italian language by using an inductive methodology that helps students discover the grammar rules by themselves

In the afternoon, students will attend a different group in order to:

  • deepen the linguistic and cultural topics learned during the morning classes
  • learn Italian language participating in more interactive and game activities
  • cooperate with other students and engage in activities based on daily situations


Enrolment fee is already included in courses price!

  • 1 week: 315,00 euro
  • 2 weeks: 606,00 euro
  • 3 weeks: 897,00 euro
  • 4 weeks: 1.188,00 euro

SUPER INTENSIVE COURSE is the most popular for student with Bildungsuralub.

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Free Entry Test

Test your level, it’s free! Want to know more about your Italian skills? Take our test and learn more about your level. A quiz-based test that will only you take about 10/20 minutes.

Class Venue

Via Tibullo 16, 00193 Rome.

Study Visa in Italy

3.240,00 euro only for 24 weeks of Intensive standard course:
Monday to Friday from 09:15 to 12:30, DHL for documents delivery included!