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Personalize your Italian course!

One-to-One (or Two to One) italian classes offer students tailored programmes created by our qualified teachers, who are all Italian native speakers. Duration, frequency and hours of the course are entirely up to the students.
Training programs are developed according to the students’ needs, skills and background. Programs are flexible and can be adapted to different necessities or special requests. Individual classes are also useful also for those students who want to deepen specific topics, among which grammar, lexis and other particular aspects of the Italian culture.
Private lessons can also be taken as a support to group lessons in order to speed up and improve the quality of the learning process.

  • Start Date: Any day
  • Level: Any
  • Attendance: upon students’ needs (we recommend at least 2 times a week).
  • Time: at any time from 09:15 to 19:30.


Thus, a pleasant and motivating environment is fundamental. As said above, motivation is the key to learning, and students need a motivating and stimulating environment, which does not resemble standard theoretical classes in grade school. Topics are chosen in relation to everyday situations so that students can reproduce outside what they learned in class. Only through such a contingency, there can be room for learning, and this is why lessons are planned according to the student’s needs.


Costumizable Lesson Plan, please consider to add a book fee for these courses. Prices per person.

One to One

  • 400,00 € - 10 hours One to One
  • 760,00 € - 20 hours One to One

Two to One

  • 250,00 € - 10 hours Two to One
  • 200,00 € - 20 hours Two to One

Mini Group

  • 150,00 € - 10 hours Mini Group *

*a Mini Group must be composed by minimum 3 people

Every day teachers will build-up different skills and competences through focusing different activities and strategies such as:

  • Interactive strategies
  • Written texts
  • Grammar analysis
  • Playing and learning by doing
  • Listening activities

Our courses enable students to:

  • Develop primary and integrated language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing)
  • Learn Italian in a realistic environment: every lesson is thought to represent the real Italian atmosphere
  • Learn the main communicative strategies
  • Analyse the structures of the Italian language by using an inductive methodology that helps students discover the grammar rules by themselves
  • Study in an intercultural environment where diversity will be an opportunity for enhance the knowledge of Italian language
  • Do many different activities in which the cooperation among students and teachers creates the adequate context for language learning

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Free Entry Test

Test your level, it’s free! Want to know more about your Italian skills? Take our test and learn more about your level. A quiz-based test that will only you take about 10/20 minutes.

Class Venue

Via Tibullo 16, 00193 Rome.

Study Visa in Italy

3.240,00 euro only for 24 weeks of Intensive standard course:
Monday to Friday from 09:15 to 12:30, DHL for documents delivery included!