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Choose the Eternal City

Why Learn Italian In Rome

Rome is the city with the highest number of monuments in the world. You will never get tired of this wonderful City; every corner tells a story and allows you travel back in time and discover a unique culture. While you learn Italian in Rome you will be able to visit a different monument, church or museum every day. Just have a look at the amazing pieces of art that Rome can offer you every single day!

Three young friends tourists posing for funny pictures in front of colosseum in rome. Blue sky and lens flare on sunny day.
You can easily get to any other Italian City

A Window To Italy

Thanks to its strategic position, Rome is still a bridge which connects the north and the south of Italy. In fact, it will only take you 3,5 hours by train (or just 1 hour by plane) to reach the most famous and well-known Italian cities. You can have a one-day trip to Florence (just 1, 5 hours by train) and Naples (1 hour) or you can easily travel to Venice and Bari (3, 5 hours) during the weekend. Rome offers the perfect environment for students to learn Italian, and long-term programs (e.g. study VISA) give students the chance to visit any Italian city during their stay.
Our Italian school is just 10 minutes away from Termini Station (Rome), and you can get a train with your classmates and friends straight after classes. Get your tickets!

The Italian Culture all in one city

Things To Do In Rome

In Rome, you can find elements from any other Italian region, such as a typical Neapolitan Pizzeria or a Cannoleria Siciliana. You can get lost in the streets of Rome and discover different Italian styles, like Quartiere Prati (Northern style), Quartiere Coppedè (Liberty Style) or in the historical centre (Roma Barocca). We can’t do a list of things you can do in Rome, but you should definitely come and have a look by yourself!
Visit our Blog to know more about the things to do in Rome!

When in Rome do as the Romans do!

After Classes

Experiencing life in Italy is fundamental for you to learn our language. Our language courses will provide you with the tools and skills you need to speak Italian fluently, but, more importantly, they will prevent your learning process from stopping by offering you after-school activities. This is why StudioItalia is way more than just a language school! Please visit our Blog and discover our activities!