Intensive Course Six Months

Intensive Course Six Months


2.700,00 euro for 24 weeks of Intensive standard course:
Monday to Friday from 09:15 to 12:30, DHL for documents delivery included!

Our Italian Lessons are student-centered, which means that students are the focus of the lesson and speak more than teachers, who supervise, give insight and food for thought.
Students quickly get used to taking their risks in speaking and overcoming fears of making mistakes in public. Topics are chosen in relation to everyday situations so that students are more motivated and willing to learn.

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By attending the Intensive Course at StudioItalia, international students have 4 lessons of Italian language lessons per day, so as to ensure a consistent practice of the Italian language as well as to create a strong relationship between teachers and students. The Italian language lessons also give students the possibility to explore Rome and experience the Italian culture. This course is definitely one of the most popular language programmes provided by StudioItalia in Rome.

FAO interns, Religious, Erasmus and Au Pair students, are entitled to a discount.

Price: €110,00/per week
This long term course is valid to apply for an Italian Study VISA

To this course we apply a registration fee: €60,00 (Registration fee includes: materials, taxes)

Phone: +39 06 68307796
Via Tibullo 16
Roma, 00193, Italy