Learning a language takes time and patience, especially because you often come across words that are hard to translate literally, for example: il tormentone. Have you ever heard this word?

This Italian term comes from the verb tormentare,which means to torment, or torture somebody. Tormentóne is commonly used in the language of journalism to refer to anything that is constantly being shown in newspaper articles, radio and television programs, like an obsessive repetition of a news, or something viral. Also, we can call a person who we can’t stand, that we can’t handle anymore, un tormentone. Moreover, every summer there is usually a new, chart-smashing song being played repeatedly on the radio that is always stuck in everyone’s heads… in English, we call this a Summer Hit and in Italian, it’s known as un tormentone estivo or tormentone dell’estate.

And every summer, the scenario is always the same – THAT one song that’s always in your head, which you can’t help but sing along to, even if you don’t like it, even if you don’t know the words and even if it’s completely different from your taste in music. The power of tormentone!

Below, you can find some of the italian summer tormentone for 2017. Which is your favourite?

Thegiornalisti – Riccione

Francesco Gabbani – Tra Le Granite E Le Granate

Takagi & Ketra – L’esercito del selfie ft. Lorenzo Fragola, Arisa

Righeira – Vamos a la Playa (1983)

 Written by Kasia Widzińska

La mafia uccide solo d’estate (Attività sociale)

la mafia uccide solo d'estate“La mafia uccide solo d’estate” è il titolo della nostra solita attività sociale del mese. Il film di PIF è stato piacevolmente accolto da tutti i nostri studenti. In questo articolo la nostra tirocinante Natalia ha scritto un piccolo articolo. Immergetevi nella lettura!

On Tuesday we watched a very famous Italian movie “La Mafia Uccide solo d’Estate” (“The Mafia Kills Only in the Summer”). It was displayed in Italian, with Italian subtitles which helped us in understanding. The plot of the film takes place in Palermo and it follows the story of the young Arturo Giammarresi, who wishes to become a journalist. Interesting is the fact that his birth coincides with the election of notorious Mafia-linked mayor Vito Ciancimino and a massacre arranged by legendary crime boss Salvatore Riina. What is more, Arturo develops a crush on his classmate – Flora and holds a bizarre obsession with seven-time Italian Prime Minister – Giulio Andreotti, whose long political career was overshadowed by allegations of Mafia ties. In general the film is highlighting the Mafia’s harmful influence over average Sicilians and this how blindness of the public allowed the Cosa Nostra to flourish until high-profile killings finally opened people’s eyes.  The flesh of the story is fiction, but its bones are real. In the end, the movie is mostly a homage paid to the policemen and the magistrates who fought and gave their lives between the late 1970s and 1992, heroes of legality that were martyred in the attempt to dismantle the Sicilian Mafia. It is an interesting and clever comedy with powerful message that probably left many Italians nostalgic.

Making of our Easter Draw 2017

Ogni tanto è difficile fare 45 secondi di video. Le risate il divertimento prende il sopravvento e nulla, non capiamo più nulla.


Osservate Alessandro e Flaminia provare a registrare l’estrazione della fortunata vincitrice Maryna!

Why did I come to Italy? My experiences

Why did I come to Italy?I think there are not clear, simple reasons. I belive that our detination is not just a place but what we feel inside us. In fact we do not know where or when we will get there. The important thing is to be able to see it. To stop for a moment, look around and realize what really has the meaning. To find moments, these short moments which give a sense to our lives, which are much deeper and much more important than we can imagine, which are far away from this for what we run every single day. After losing almost all hope for happiness, I found these moments THERE, in Rome. Italy will never be an ordinary country because Italy is Italy. If it was the ordinary country, it wouldn’t have Rome. As an American writer, Anatole Broyard said: “Rome is a poem pressed into service as a city”. It is the magic which is spread in front of your eyes. It is a place where dreams come true. I love Rome. I love visiting this city. I love that incredible feeling when I go through the Roman streets. When I feel the wind in my face and hear “ciao” all around me. When all I want to repeat is “Come dolce è la mia vita”. Italians have certainly mastered the art of living filled with good food and good conversation each day. I like eating and Italian cuisine boasts its fresh fruits and vegetables, all bursting with flavour. I am able to eat Italian food over and over again, not forgetting to mention drinking italian wine which in my opinion is the best in the world.

Toasting with the red wine
Toasting with the red wine

I am fully in love with Italy, however there are also aspects which I didn’t expect before coming here. Having in mind some confidence taken from the movies I believed that Italy would be full of citizens who speak English, however at some places I found myself in the middle of nowhere when it comes to communicating in that language. Majority of Italians want us to speak italian. I thought that research and acquisition of basic italian was unnecessary, because I have already eaten at Italian restaurants before and I’ve already known what “ciao” means. Then I was shocked to find that those bread sticks on the table are for free and that after asking for a “latte” I would get a glass of cold milk instead of coffee with milk. Another thing any I learned is that here is time and then there is Italian time. Italian time is so elastic so you shouldn’t be surprised when your 4 p.m. tour around the city starts at 4:30. Many businesses shut down for lunch so double-checking of business hours is crucial. Public transportation is also often “out of order” or delayed, so give yourself time and relax. Getting angry is useless.

Buses out of order
Buses out of order

Five things you have to do in Italy:

1. Validate your ticket.

Whether you take train from one city to another or you travel within a city simple buying a ticket isn’t enough, you must validate it before you board. Most tickets are not date or time specific, so if you don’t validate it before boarding it is as if you haven’t paid for your ride. Sometimes the ticket validation machines are on platforms before you get on the train, sometimes they’re on the bus.

Machine which validates tickets at train stations
Machine which validates tickets at train stations

2. Eat at least two ice cream scoops daily.

Italian gelato is made with milk, not cream, so it is a lot less fattening than people think. It is a well-deserved treat after a day filled with sightseeing, studying or working. Eating ice cream really does make us happy. Scientists have found that a spoonful of ice cream lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as winning money or listening to your favourite music.

Woman with ice cream in front of Trevi fountain
Eating ice cream in front of Trevi fountain

3. See an Italian soccer game

Regardless of the fact if you’re a soccer fan, or even a sports fan going to a game of calcio is unforgettable. Italian soccer can be considered a second religion in this country, and experiencing a game live lets you witness the passion Italians feel for their clubs.

AS Roma supporters during the match
AS Roma supporters during the match

4. Eat pizza

There’s nothing like eating something as universally well-known as pizza in the country where it was born, and for that you have to do it. The Margherita is still the most popular pizza today, perhaps because it’s simple, light and tasty. A good tomato sauce, a good mozzarella or a good extra virgin olive oil make a lot of difference. It’s not easy to have and find these ingredients all over the world. In Italy they are the best.

Pizza is the most famous italian dish
Pizza as the most famous Italian dish

5. Learn Italian at least at basic level

Learning italian is very usefull and beneficial especially when it comes to communicating with Italians and coping with daily activities properly. Italian has the highest number of words for describing food.
Whether you order food in a restaurant or do the grocery shopping at one of the street markets, having a knowledge of the language not only enriches your holiday experience, but also allows you to save a few euros.

Learn italian to be able to speak well
Learn Italian to be able to speak well

Good luck!

Io per amore …

io per amore fare … Oggi abbiamo chiesto ai nostri studenti cosa farebbero per amore.

Alcuni attraverserebbero un oceano, altri invece imparerebbero una nuova lingua e cambierebbero città.
Tu cosa saresti disposto a fare per amore? E cosa invece hai già fatto?
Raccontacelo nei commenti (in italiano) e pubblicheremo le frasi più belle sul nostro account facebook e sul nostro account instagram (…) con l’hashtag #ioperamore

Ecco le frasi di oggi!


  • Apprenderei un’altra lingua


    Lo sappiamo. L’amore ha un linguaggio tutto suo, ma apprendere la lingua dell’Altro è un vero e proprio atto d’amore. È mettersi alla prova. Iniziare un percorso. Costruirsi una nuova identità.


  • Farei qualsiasi cosa per amore
  • ioperamore


Entriamo nella categoria di persone che non hanno limiti. Quelli che farebbero di tutto senza pensarci due volte.


  • Cambierei città/paese
  • ioperamore


Qualcuno per amore cambierebbe completamente la sua vita. A costo di allontanarsi dal proprio paese e rinunciare alle proprie abitudini.


  • Per innamorarmi, niente


A volte per conquistare qualcuno non è necessario fare nulla. Soltanto lasciarsi andare agli eventi.


  • Dovrei provare a capirlo ancora di più. Dovrei provare a non addormentarmi senza risolvere un litigio.


Il segreto dell’amore a volte è essere comprensivi. Capirsi, e non lasciare che un litigio rovini un rapporto.


  • Andrei con lui da qualche parte nel mondo
  • andrei in qualche posto del mondo
    Viaggiare ed  essere innamorati. Cosa chiedere di più?
    Scoprire altre culture e altri paesaggi insieme, rafforzando sempre di più il proprio legame.


Apprenderei un’altra lingua
Comprerei i fiori