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StudioItalia is perfectly aware that learning a new language does not simply mean to study grammar and new words by heart! Our communicative approach provides students with the right tools to learn grammar, as well as to improve your language skills in a dynamic way. Generally speaking, children start learning and speaking out of the school setting, and, after all we are just grown-up kids even more motivated to learn! Any doubts? Visit Accademia Studioitalia for a free day of Italian lessons.

Our new partner


We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with BookYourStudy company – the platform for booking educational services all over the world.

Our mutual collaboration with BookYourStudy will increase the opportunities for many students, who are looking for educational programs abroad and want to have a detailed description of the courses, accommodation variants, dates, facilities, preparation for the trip and etc. All information is reliable and presented in Russian.

BookYourStudy has a long-term experience in education abroad services and supports its students 24/7 not only at the early stages of bookings and documentation, but also during his/her stay in «Accademia Studioitalia» on the tuition.


Now Students From Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan And Ukraine Can Easily:

Find our educational establishment «Accademia Studioitalia» on BookYourStudy platform.

Get detailed information about our programs / accommodation/ services and a consultation in Russian from professionals on a free basis.

Book tuition at the same prices as in our price-list without any additional fees.

Get a help in preparing all necessary documents for obtaining a visa.

Follow the page «Accademia Studioitalia»

Make sure if there is a BookYourStudy’s representative in Your city.

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