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StudioItalia is perfectly aware that learning a new language does not simply mean to study grammar and new words by heart! Our communicative approach provides students with the right tools to learn grammar, as well as to improve your language skills in a dynamic way. Generally speaking, children start learning and speaking out of the school setting, and, after all we are just grown-up kids even more motivated to learn! Any doubts? Visit Accademia Studioitalia for a free day of Italian lessons.

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The Italian Language School Accademia Studioitalia, based in Rome, has been teaching Italian to foreign learners since 1983.

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On top of that, the school is also one of the most recognized training centres for Italian teachers, offering high-quality training programs and specialised courses.


  • 5 star review  Hello 🙂 I visited StudioItalia for two weeks back in 2014 and still keep very warm memories from the unforgettable experience in splendid Rome. First of all, the teachers are highly professional and make the lessons very interesting and up-to-date. Thus, we could learn not only a lot about the language but about Italy and the Italians <3 Una bellissima scuola con i gentili insegnanti e divertente lezione :) Grazie mille per il bel soggiorno a Roma!

    thumb Geri Bencheva

    5 star review  I will like to study at Accademia StudioItalia because it looks like a great school with good atmosphere for international students! I am from Venezuela and I am super excited to start my Italian lessons with you guys on the 26th of June and would love to extra weeks <3

    thumb Isabel Cristina Quintero

    4 star review  buongiorno di tutti

    thumb Sadaf Saleem
  • 5 star review  이탈리아에 처음 갔을때 이탈리아어를 하나도 몰랐는데 여기 8개월정도 배우면서 프리토킹할 정도가 되었습니다. 스투디오 이탈리아에는 뛰어나고 친절한 선생님들이 많습니다. 한국에 귀국한 지금도 이탈리아어에 관해 궁금한 부분이 생기면 물어보곤 하는데 지나치게 친절할정도로 답변해주십니다. 이탈리아어를 배우시려고 현지에 학원을 찾으신다면 스투디오 이탈리아를 강력하게 추천드립니다.

    thumb Chang-Eun Choi

    5 star review  Greatly increased my vocabulary in a short time.The atmosphere is welcoming and fun, the teachers are attentive and strengthen individual needs. I highly recommend this relaxed method of learning a new language.

    thumb Carol Greer

    I’m writing this review from a teacher’s point of view. I chose Accademia StudioItalia to further my teaching qualifications and so I took part in their classes for a month. I was surprised by the skills of the teachers who were able to explain grammar concepts simply by eliciting, demonstrating and entirely in Italian! I marveled at this method of teaching and made it my own whereas until recently I would always integrate my lessons with a (sometimes boring) explanation in English. While the students are involved in activities, no pressure is put on the individual, but rather an invitation when and if the student feels ready to take it on. I witnessed the progress of the various classes, and the warm atmosphere that quickly created among the students and between them and the teachers. I learnt a lot about how to create simple, practical communication and what it means to learn a language from scratch as well as developing advanced communication skills in the higher level classes. What I particularly enjoyed about the lessons was that the support material presented is super current and it reflects the trends and cultural habits of twenty first century Italy. A variety of mediums are used, including videos, audios, extra-curricular activities around the city, as well as culinary gatherings! I strongly recommend this lovely school to anyone interested in not only improving their language skills but want to immerse themselves into the authentic Italian everyday life.

    thumb Glenda Delli
  • 5 star review  Il mio tirocinio di 3 mesi è volato! Grazie a tutti per la gentilezza, la disponibilità e la serietà. Un grazie particolare ai docenti per avermi spinto verso il bellissimo mondo dell'insegnamento. A presto!

    thumb Eleonora Fuccelli

    5 star review  Muito importante na minha carreira...!se Deus quizer vou fazer parte desta equipe.

    thumb Wagner Campos

    Diana Collepiccolo vi invia questa recensione Quando si dice imparare e lavorare divertendosi.. Ecco perché consiglio Accademia StudioItalia. Corso di preparazione all'esame Ditals ben organizzato ed esaustivo. Docenti preparati, professionali ma sempre con il sorriso, creano un ambiente di lavoro molto gradevole e stimolante. Grande attenzione per gli allievi e per i tirocinanti.. Si impara molto sul campo! 60 ore volate in un baleno! Se vi consiglio questa scuola? Eccome!!!!

    thumb Sandra Cristofanilli
  • 5 star review  Really good school, relaxed and friendly atmosphere , I'm happy that I was able to have converzations on italian after short time studining. Proffesors are really professional and willing to speak with you even after class. Grazie scuola 🙂 🙂 🙂

    thumb Ante Lokas

    Do I recommend StudioItalia in Roma? YES, absolutely! Why? Where do I begin? First thing's first, the classes are lots of fun. If you're in Rome for even a week, take classes with Rome's wittiest; most credible language teachers in Italy. This academic outlet helps you learn Italian while happy laughing through your day. Full satisfaction and fun guaranteed. There is no better way to learn a language than to laugh while you learn. Also, the entire staff was so sweet. They made me feel like family. Between music exchanges, hot spot recommendations, going out for lunches and Christmas dinners I felt so welcome at StudioItalia. Let's not forget the head master of StudioItalia (@Massimo). He is one of the kindest, most genuine, well connected human beings I got the chance to know in Rome. I had some inquiries about universities I wanted to apply to, so he took the liberty himself to take me to them, and helped me apply. This is to say the least! Thanks to this academic language school, I made friends to last me a lifetime, learned the Italian language, and made a promise to return to Rome very soon. I found a home there. Grazie StudioItalia, che bella esperienza <3 Nour x

    thumb Nour Hourani

    4 star review  Molto buona la scuola, con professionisti amorevole è carinissimi.

    thumb Natasha Vallejo Serrano
  • 5 star review  I started my adventure at Accademia Studioitalia because I wanted to learn Italian. I'm already starting to see the first results. I like the teaching method, the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers. They are all very kind and patient, always ready to correct mistakes with a smile on their faces and to give valuable hints. The school location is beautiful and charming, close to Vatican, easy to reach with public transport. In general I love this school! In fact, it isn't only a language school, it's a place where you feel like at home, where you go willingly, where all you can feel is just pure happiness. I highly recommend it! You can't find a better place to learn that lovely language which is Italian!

    thumb Natalia Skupień

    5 star review  Best traineeship/experience of my life I bumped into the school because of a project financed from the EU In the first part I have studied didactic techniques and approaches, and I have researched in how to deal with multilingual classes and with the promotion of plurilingualism. In the second phase (the best part) I had a concrete experience in the school, which was totally UNEXPECTED. I would need many pages to list all the things I have learnt in Accademia StudioItalia, so I will just write down some of them: The first one is that smiling and laughing can completely change your way of doing your job and living your life! The second one is that...you never stop learning (this sounds quite cliché but not when you see amazing people from all over the world every day) The third one is...a completely different teaching method, and as a former language student I can say that is different from each method that I had previously found in universities and/or private schools! Thanks to Alessandro (the didactic director) for everything he has taught me with enthusiasm and passion, to Marco (the most patient Italian teacher ever), to Luca (for its jokes 😉 and to Massimo (best boss ever), to be my team and my family in this 6 months! And...to everyone I have met in the school! If you have the chance, don't miss this place and this people!

    thumb Flaminia Paternoster

    5 star review  Credo sia una scuola bellissima!

    thumb Serena Verrusio
  • 5 star review  I had the opportunity to visit Rome in 2004 for a couple of days , and since then I felt in love with their language, millenary monuments , art, traditions and culture. And I would love to come back for more time to learn their language and learn more about this wonderful country <3

    thumb Rochi Or

    4 star review  E stata un’esperienza meravigliosa! I have spent one week at StudioItalia. It was great experience for me. Teachers are friendly,kind and enthusiastic. The lessen was focused on conversation. At the same time teachers instructed grammar in detail. I had a lot of opportunities for communicate in Italiano. The school is located neat Vatican,sophisticated and quiet area for locale people. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around there. This school is highly recommended. Mina

    thumb Mina Oya

    Sono da wood voglio imparare lingua italiana

    thumb Dawood Hadhmi

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By Italian Ministry of Education, Studioitalia is also a Teacher training center of University for Foregners and Examination Center for CILS and CELI Exams.

A pleasant and motivating environment is fundamental. As said above, motivation is the key to learning, and students need a motivating and stimulating environment.

Our job doesn’t end with the lessons. We are happy to support you with your studies after the school, giving assistance or tips for your free time and be your home in Italy!


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