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StudioItalia is perfectly aware that learning a new language does not simply mean to study grammar and new words by heart! Our communicative approach provides students with the right tools to learn grammar, as well as to improve your language skills in a dynamic way. Generally speaking, children start learning and speaking out of the school setting, and, after all we are just grown-up kids even more motivated to learn! Any doubts? Visit Accademia Studioitalia for a free day of Italian lessons.

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The Italian Language School Accademia Studioitalia, based in Rome, has been teaching Italian to foreign learners since 1983.

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On top of that, the school is also one of the most recognized training centres for Italian teachers, offering high-quality training programs and specialised courses.


  • 5 star review  Best traineeship/experience of my life I bumped into the school because of a project financed from the EU In the first part I have studied didactic techniques and approaches, and I have researched in how to deal with multilingual classes and with the promotion of plurilingualism. In the second phase (the best part) I had a concrete experience in the school, which was totally UNEXPECTED. I would need many pages to list all the things I have learnt in Accademia StudioItalia, so I will just write down some of them: The first one is that smiling and laughing can completely change your way of doing your job and living your life! The second one is that...you never stop learning (this sounds quite cliché but not when you see amazing people from all over the world every day) The third one is...a completely different teaching method, and as a former language student I can say that is different from each method that I had previously found in universities and/or private schools! Thanks to Alessandro (the didactic director) for everything he has taught me with enthusiasm and passion, to Marco (the most patient Italian teacher ever), to Luca (for its jokes 😉 and to Massimo (best boss ever), to be my team and my family in this 6 months! And...to everyone I have met in the school! If you have the chance, don't miss this place and this people!

    thumb Flaminia Paternoster

    5 star review  Per che 5 stelli? Per che bellisma.

    thumb Alessandro Woodbridge

    5 star review  Ciao tutti! Напишу свой отзыв и я, итак... Я начала учить (играючи) итальянский в конце марта 2016 года. СКАЖУ СРАЗУ, это даже учебой назвать трудно ибо учебный материал заходит очень легко. В связи с тем что, школа старше *своих учеников , это делает ей хороший ОГРОМНЫЙ ПЛЮС, в связи с опытом подачи материала ну и разрешения рядовых ситуаций. Акредитация и авторитет ( имеет премию -как лучшая школа итальянского, для иностранцев),, так же согласитесь??радуют 😉 Учителя стали мои друзья мгновенно!!!! Ну и о том что с тобой в классе учатся люди со всего света , это такое удовольствие , общаться и знакомиться с разными культурами при этом изучать язык Данте всем вместе. Как не грустно, но для меня закончилась маленькая жизнь! Я вам не советую -я настаиваю!!!!! Вам однозначно будет весело и что не мало важно, комфортно

    thumb Caterina Savina
  • positive review  Where shall I start…? 🙂 First of all, I am a language teacher and believe me, Accademia Studioitalia is the best place where you can learn the language. The language school is nice, well-equipped, and there is such a nice family atmosphere. Students can learn tons of useful expressions, vocabulary, and a lot about Italian culture. The classes were entertaining, too, because the teachers are kind, friendly, and have a good sense of humour. Moreover, I really liked when there was a topic and all the students from different nations told how things are going in their countries – it was interesting to hear them. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend them! 🙂

    thumb Ivett Majoros

    4 star review  Great School! Amazing and friendly staff 🙂 Learned so much in the little time i was here. Staff is dedicated to helping you learn and reach your personal goals.

    thumb Abbey Anne Cappadonia

    5 star review  이탈리아에 처음 갔을때 이탈리아어를 하나도 몰랐는데 여기 8개월정도 배우면서 프리토킹할 정도가 되었습니다. 스투디오 이탈리아에는 뛰어나고 친절한 선생님들이 많습니다. 한국에 귀국한 지금도 이탈리아어에 관해 궁금한 부분이 생기면 물어보곤 하는데 지나치게 친절할정도로 답변해주십니다. 이탈리아어를 배우시려고 현지에 학원을 찾으신다면 스투디오 이탈리아를 강력하게 추천드립니다.

    thumb Chang-Eun Choi
  • 5 star review  Il mio tirocinio di 3 mesi è volato! Grazie a tutti per la gentilezza, la disponibilità e la serietà. Un grazie particolare ai docenti per avermi spinto verso il bellissimo mondo dell'insegnamento. A presto!

    thumb Eleonora Fuccelli

    positive review  -Una forma muy Buena de aprender italiano por medio de conversaciones y actividades. -El horario es flexible y las clases son pequeñas (4-6 estudiantes), casi personalizadas y se aprende rápido. -Los profesores siempre están para cualquier duda tanto dentro como fuera de la clase. -Conoces a gente de todas partes del mundo -Hay un certificado del nivel de Italiano al final del curso ------------------------------------------ -A very good way to learn Italian through conversations and activities. -The schedule is flexible and the classes are small (4-6 students), personalized and you learn quickly. -Teachers are always there for any cuestiona, inside and outside the classes. - You know people from all over the world -There is a certificate of the level of Italian at the end of the course

    thumb Tatiana Russi

    5 star review  the dependence in rome is great, had a good time and it helped. I recommend it!

    thumb Matthias Esch
  • 5 star review  Come l'anno scorso, mi ha dato un sacco di divertimento per imparare l'italiano. Grazie! A presto!

    thumb Mathias Gaugler

    positive review  Ho frequentato il Corso Ditals presso questa scuola e non posso far altro che elogiare il lavoro degli insegnanti: seri, professionali, sempre disponibili, mi hanno incoraggiata durante tutto il periodo del tirocinio. Bellissima esperienza!

    thumb Silvia Migliori

    4 star review  Molto buona la scuola, con professionisti amorevole è carinissimi.

    thumb Natasha Vallejo Serrano
  • 5 star review  Mi piace la scuola e insegnanti molto! I would really recommend this school in Rome. I stayed in Rome for 5 weeks. The location is very good, the lessons are nice and good to follow, the teachers are really good and helpfull! You will enjoy your stay in Rome and after some lessons your italian will be really improved. And besides all of that I have a new best friend, which I met at this school! I want to come back soon!! Mi manchi tutti di insegnanti. Io spero noi incontriamo presto. Baci per tutti! Grazie mille! X

    thumb Sanne-Renee Pothoven

    4 star review  Tolle Lehrer die es auf unkomplizierte, lustige Art und Weise verstanden haben es jedem beizubringen. Jederzeit wieder.

    thumb Tanja Fischer

    positive review  Grazie ad Accademia Studioitalia ho conseguito la DITALS in tempi brevissimi: corso propedeutico, tirocinio, materiali, esame, tutto svolto con professionisti del settore e in un ambiente disteso. Le informazioni ricevuto durante l'intero percorso sono state chiare e precise, lo staff sempre disponibile ad ogni esigenza. GRAZIE!

    thumb Cori Stilo
  • positive review  Ho frequentato il Corso Ditals presso Accademia Studio Italia e mi sono trovata benissimo. Gli insegnanti lavorano con grande serietà e professionalità ma soprattutto con passione ed entusiasmo, mi hanno insegnato veramente tantissimo. Tutto lo staff è stato sempre, gentile, sorridente e disponibile. Un'ottima esperienza!!!

    thumb Fiorenza Giordano

    5 star review  Docenti preparati e disponibilissimi in un ambiente sereno, serio ma divertente, attenti alle esigenze di studenti e tirocinanti. Non posso fare a meno di raccomandare questa esperienza.

    thumb Martina Galassi

    4 star review  Two weeks diary Monday, 17 August 2015 My boss asked me today again (of course!) when do I go for holidays. Everyone in our small company was somewhere and he probably wants to close the holidays season for this year. I have to find something immediately!!! Tuesday, 18 August 2015 I have still no idea, but I consider two options: to stay home or to fly to the moon. I'm sorry, it is only my frustration. Wednesday 19 August 2015 I don’t want this expensive beach- holidays and I don’t want 20 countries –tour in one week. I attended this year an Italian course here in Poland, in Cracow. Maybe similar course in Italy. Not bad. It shouldn't be so expensive. Thursday 20 August 2015 I sent three emails to different schools in Italy and asked about the option: private lessons + accommodation + transport. O no! It’ impossible expensive. I have to do it by myself. I know in Italy only tree towns: Rom, Naples and Assisi. I was in Rom one week, so I can manage it there. I need ticket and hotel. It’s done. Now concentration. I need to find a school, in the center, because I know only the center of Rome and it must be quick! Friday 21 August 2015 Today again another three responds, that I can’t use. But one e-mail is very interesting and concrete. It is from the school Accedemia Studioitalia Ok. I checked. It is in the center, near Vaticano. Even form me it is easy to find. I start on Monday. Saturday, 22 August 2015 Above all I packed my Italian books. The rest, I mean my clothes it’s no so important. It’s warm there. Sunday, 23 August 2015 Everything goes OK, everything like I have planed. I want to find today my school in Via Tibullo to be prepared for tomorrow, when I go to my classes early in the morning. In Cracow we have a lot of private languages schools and they have big sign with advertisement. But here I can’t see anything. No school!! I write on Facebook to my friend in Cracow about my problem. Super! She found in Google maps a photo of the school with opened blinds. OK, the school exists, but on Sunday the blinds are closed and I can’t see the poster with the school’s name. Monday 23 August 2015 I should be at 9 am, but I’am very nervous and I’m at 8.30 there. I wait in secretariat and Irena try to speak with me Italian. I’m a little bit stressed because I suppose that I have to write a long test! No! It was only short, pleasant conversation. I’m in the group with another five women from: Germany, Holland (2x), Romanian, China. Very cool women group. We have two women teachers as well: Claudia and Flavia. It must be fun in such constellation! Tuesday 24 August 2015 Claudia asked me in the morning if I want to change my group to be at level higher. I like my group, I feel confident here. I want to stay. Claudia starts with stereotypes about Italian people. I find it very cool!!! Super, that they don’t care, what another people think. They know well: the whole world loves Italian people! Wednesday 25 August 2015 Today, after our lessons we can take a part on „Pantheon’s cafe challenge – granita o espresso“ No idea what it is, but of course I want to go. It was super. One of our teachers go with us by bus to the Pantheon and we drank classic espresso At a famous cafe’Sant Eustachio and then cranita cafe. Per me one winner – espresso classic is the best for ever! Thursday 26 August 2015 I feel more confident than at the beginning. There are only three days but I choose on purpose a group with no such strong progress because I wanted to practice the basic things. And i have done it! Friday 27 August 2015 My last day. We have a song of a very well known Italian singer Nada „Ma che freddo fa”. We build sentences like La vita senza amore e come Roma senza vaticano, come la mattina senza café’, come la schuola Studioitalia senza Claudia e Flavia It is for me a song to say goodbye to Rom, to my new friends in the group and the Italian friends in the school Studioitalia. I’m very satisfied, positive and want to continue learning Italian. Last minute news: I did it! The hole year I have learned Italian in Cracow, in Poland. So maybe we will see again to continue .

    thumb Justyna Krzton

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By Italian Ministry of Education, Studioitalia is also a Teacher training center of University for Foregners and Examination Center for CILS and CELI Exams.

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